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Multi Factor Authentication

In response to the changing security climate Microsoft is making changes to security across their entire ecosystem. We will be requiring Multi Factor Authentication for every user. You can find step by step instructions below or a video that walks you through the entire process above. Please reach out to our team with any questions or issues at 318-442-5743. 

Grab both your computer and your cell phone. 

Download Microsoft Authenticator from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Sign in using your business email (ex: jdoe@mybusiness.com) and password. You will see “More Information Required”. Click Next to get started.

Select Mobile App in Step 1 and then click Set Up.

Select “Receive notifications for verification”.

You should see a QR Code on the screen. Grab your cell phone to finish the setup.

Open the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone.

Tap Scan QR Code.

Grant permissions to Microsoft Authenticator to access your camera if needed.

Tap Add Account. 

Tap Work or school account.

Put the QR code in the box on the screen. When it finds the code it will turn green.

Your account is now created. Go back to your computer and click “Next” on the QR Code screen.

You should see “Mobile app has been configured for notifications and verification codes.” Click Next to send a prompt to your phone.

You should receive a prompt on your cell phone that asks you to Approve sign-in. Tap approve.

Your phone has now been configured for your account. You will be prompted for sign in on new devices to protect your identity.

If you are using Outlook the next time you open the application you will be prompted to approve sing in on your cell phone. Once approved the application will open as normal.

Great! You have now added your corporate email to your device. Please contact our staff at 318-442-5743 or support@ttalx.com if you have any issues.